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We ask that participation be limited to AA members only.

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. Anyone who has that desire may share in the meetings.

Please refrain from using any foul language

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All times on the Staying Cyber Web site will be listed as GMT/UTC.

You may change the time displayed on the screen to your local time by applying the correct offset from GMT after selecting MEMBER CONTROL PANEL > FORUM PREFERENCES. The correct time offset for your area can be determined by locating a time server on the internet.

All meetings will be open for sharing from Sunday until Saturday. The meetings will be refreshed at the Technical Cyrvant's convenience on Sunday.

Any solicitation for commercial business will be removed in accordance with the AA Traditions, and this will include the posting of links to commercial websites. We ask that links to commercial websites not be placed in the member’s “signature” area.



The format for this meeting is a week long Topic Discussion. The first member who comes in to the meeting at the start of a new week may choose the topic for the meeting that week. We ask that all sharing in this meeting be limited to the topic as it relates to your alcoholism.


12 & 12  MEETING (Step & Tradition)

The format for this meeting is a week long discussion on the Step or Tradition selected for the week. One of the 12 Steps will be discussed weekly except for the last Sunday of the month when one of the 12 Traditions will be the Topic. Steps will be discussed sequentially and the Tradition selected will correspond with the current month (Jan-Tradition 1, Feb-Tradition 2, etc.) We ask that all sharing in this meeting be limited to the topic as it relates to your alcoholism.



The Early Sobriety Meeting of Staying Cyber was created so that those new to sobriety would have a comfortable place to ask any question that they might have.

Each week a topic will be chosen from a suggested list to start the meeting. Those with less than one year may share on that or any other topic as often as they wish. Many of the topics come from the book "Living Sober" and we invite you to follow in the book.

Whether it be answering a question or sharing, we ask that those with more than one year of sobriety limit their shares and stay on topic unless answering a more general question so that all have an opportunity to participate in the 12th step work.



The Coffee Pot is intended for general discussion on any topics not necessarily relating to alcoholism including: jokes, greetings, announcements, business meetings, etc., so that the meetings can stay focused on the topics.



Posts are limited to three per 24 hours and to 500 words per post. The 24 hours period starts and ends at midnight, GMT 00:00 / UTC 00:00.

Staying Cyber links only to Alcoholics Anonymous or OIAA websites. Any links or banners advertising products or sites not linked with Alcoholics Anonymous will be removed. This includes links within the signature of the member.



The only other requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. Anyone who has that desire may share in the meetings.

Anyone may read the various forums and meetings without registering. You agree to adhere to the Terms of Service Agreement & to the Meeting Guidelines by registering.



Anyone is able to read at Staying Cyber but posting requires registration. The “Registration” link is at the top right of the forum page:

Please read the terms before clicking the "Accept" button at the bottom. You will be required to accept the Terms of Service before continuing. Clicking on the "Accept" button will take you to the registration page.

The only information required for registration is a name and a valid e-mail address. Please take extra care when filling out the email address as this must be done correctly for the registration process to work properly.

A confirmation email will be sent once the information is completed and the “submit” button is “clicked”. At this point the system will automatically send a verification email to confirm that you are using a valid email address. You will need to use the link in this confirmation e-mail to activate your membership.

The Name and Location that you furnished at registration will be displayed with every post. First name and the first initial of your last name or a nickname/alias of your choice are recommended as a username. In keeping with the spirit of anonymity and the Eleventh Tradition please do not use your full given name.

If you or your Internet Service Provider use a spam filter please make sure that your settings allow mail from the domain Please do this before you register as the activation e-mail normally takes only a few moments to reach you.The email reply is automatic and under normal circumstances takes no more than 30 minutes. If you don’t receive the email within that time, please email the techs at

Registration information and forum preferences may be edited by clicking on the "Member Control Panel" link at the top right of the main page at Staying Cyber.



You must be logged in to Staying Cyber to post at any of the meetings or in the Coffeepot. This site does not use “Internet Chat” for instantaneous communication.

Your comments are limited to 500 words by forum software, and you are not limited to the size of the text box.

In keeping with the Eleventh Tradition and AA anonymity, Staying Cyber reminds its members that it is an open site on the WWW. Anyone may read here, AA or not. Being a public site, no photos of AA members may be posted on the pages or via links. Hyperlinks may be used to connect with outside sources or display photographs of subjects other than AA member.

DO NOT use your TAB key, as it will take you out of the text box.Even though the text may either continue across the text box or wrap depending on your browser, the forum will format the text automatically. Paragraphs may be created by a “blank line” with a carriage return <enter>.

In keeping with the Eleventh Tradition and AA anonymity, Staying Cyber reminds its members that it is an open site on the WWW. Anyone may read here, AA or not. Being a public site, no photos of AA members may be posted on the pages or via links. Hyperlinks may be used to connect with outside sources or display photographs of subjects other than AA member. No photos, cartoons or other graphic art images may be imbedded on the pages of Staying Cyber.



In accordance with the first AA tradition that "Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon AA unity", this is an AA related message board that encourages everyone to carry the message of hope that AA offers.

If you have come to carry a message contradictory to the AA method of recovery, we suggest you seek a more appropriate site. Posts that attack the very nature of AA as well as continual or offensive posting that lead to the disruption of Staying Cyber will be removed. “Continual and offensive posting” includes personal attacks, flaming, and multiple registrations.

Violations of the Terms of Service agreement or the Guidelines as determined by the Staying Cyber Steering Committee may result in the loss of posting privileges. Moderation of forums is an option available to the steering committee. The Steering Committee is committed to honoring the Fourth Tradition. We believe that a member being placed in read-only status does not violate the Third Tradition.



If you are having difficulty viewing the entire page of comments on the Coffee Pot and/or Meetings pages, it is may be due to the size of the pages after several days of posting. This problem typically occurs in older computers and / or browsers.



If you have a question regarding AA or if you're having a problem with alcoholism and you would like help via email, please send a message to:

If you have a question or comment about the website please send a message to:



The Pass The Hat page contains information on how Staying Cyber practices the 7th Tradition. We are currently experimenting with online systems.

Our current operating expenses are:

Web hosting: 167.94/ year
Domain Registration: $10.00/ year, paid through August 2031

The balance of the funds, after prudent reserve, will be sent to GSO and / or OIAA.
If you have any questions you can e-mail the Treasurer at



A.A.'s principles and Traditions are observed on our web site. As anonymity is the "spiritual foundation of all our Traditions," we practice anonymity on Staying Cyber at all times. An A.A. web site is a public medium which has the potential for reaching the broadest possible audience and therefore requires the same safeguards that we use at the level of press, radio, and film.

In accordance with the 11th tradition, it is strongly suggested that you do not post personal information on the forums.



The Steering Committee would like to warn all members that posting ANY personal information (E-mail or Postal addresses, phone numbers, etc.) on the internet carries a risk. Search engines are increasingly intuitive and the posting of personal details may have unintended consequences.

We have had many requests to remove identifying information from archived posts, as the search engines have become very intuitive. Frequently this request comes before a job interview. Be aware that while the tech can remove posts immediately, the search engines “cache” their results and their “copy” of the information can take weeks to remove.



Any time you post your e-mail address on a public Web site, you are opening yourself up to e-mail from anyone who views the site as well as e-mail spammers who use spiders that search web pages and collect e-mail addresses for mass marketing.

Although many members are finding meaningful contacts through e-mail exchange, some have also experienced unfortunate problems corresponding with other members via e-mail. Should you choose to post any personal information on the Staying Cyber web site it is entirely your decision and you assume all risks.

ANY E-MAIL ADDRESSES OBTAINED IN THE REGISTRATION PROCESS ARE HELD IN THE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE AND WILL NOT BE RELEASED TO ANYONE. The same holds true for any e-mail addresses obtained when you e-mail a Steering Committee member.



The archives of our early Meetings, Coffee Pots, and Business Meetings are available for reading, and all of the current meetings are saved. The Coffee Pot pages are not archived due to the large size of the pages.



The new officers will begin their respective terms beginning January 1 of each year.

(Elected for a 1 year term)

Alternate IGR
(Elected for a 1 year term)

(Elected for a 1 year term)
Yvonne - paul mc - SoberGal1 

(Elected, term is at the discretion of the committee)
Tim V.

(Volunteers without term, approved by the committee)

Active: beth k, Glen H, Chris W, Steve M.
Inactive: Doug A, Mary W, Joe P, Barry L, Tim G, Miranda C, Andrew A., St. Pete Patty

All officers will comprise the Steering Committee and each shall have a vote in any issue brought to the committee for a vote. This includes the Alternate IGR as well as the active techs. An on-going business meeting is held by members of the Steering Committee to govern Staying Cyber via the steering committee forum.

You may e-mail any or all of the Steering Committee Members at the following:

Steering Committee Members:



Technical Cyrvants:

The procedure for the voting for officers is as close to the third legacy procedure as we could get online.

For the annual election of officers, there will be a form for each office that will remain posted for a two week nomination period prior to voting. Members must "accept" a nomination by entering their name in the form box corresponding to the office they wish to run for. All names that are entered will be added to the list of candidates for that office. If there is only one nominee for an office at the end of the nomination period, the nominee will assume that office. An election will be held if there is more than one nominee. Due to the time constraints of online voting, the elections will be on the basis of “most votes wins”.

Voting will be done via a ballot form that generates an email to the techs, and all e-mail addresses will be kept confidential. All members who have been registered for 60 days prior to the nomination period are eligible to vote (typically prior to October 1st of the current year). All email addresses will be held in confidence.

Any member may suggest or recommend a new idea or change to the steering committee by email to the steering committee. The recommendation will then be discussed by the steering committee members. The person making the suggestion or recommendation may be asked to provide additional input, and will be notified by email as to the reasoning and decision of the steering committee.

Suggestions may be implemented, modified, or rejected based on the decision of the steering committee. Should it be deemed necessary, the Steering Committee may convene a Business Meeting for further discussion and voting by the membership.

The steering committee will always work toward the group conscience using the guidance of the 12 Traditions. Changes will be made only with substantial unanimity of the steering committee, and each Steering Committee is encouraged to learn about Concept 5 and make their own determination about what constitutes substantial unanimity.

The Group Conscience of Staying Cyber has expressed their desire that the site be minimally moderated. In accordance with the Staying Cyber policy on Disruptive Posts, posts that attack the very nature of AA as well as continual or offensive posting that lead to the disruption of Staying Cyber will be removed. Continual and offensive posting includes personal attacks, flaming, and multiple registrations.

Moderation is never simple and any given post may be interpreted differently. All Steering Committee members are expected to monitor the site regularly for the purpose of maintaining site decorum.


The following are the duties of the officers:

This position represents our group with the Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (OIAA) and with GSO should it be necessary. OIAA ( is a voluntary intergroup of online AA groups. OIAA is an AA business and volunteer association that maintains contact with regional AA General Services Offices throughout the world via its officers, committees, and members.

OIAA is the face of online AA at many regional, national and international AA gatherings. The IGR is Staying Cyber’s representative to this group.

The IGR is responsible for voting at OIAA for Staying Cyber a well as keeping the Staying Cyber membership updated on current business and changes at OIAA. Working within a large, international group can be slow and tedious, but updates on a regular basis to the membership at Staying Cyber are expected. Joining in the volunteer efforts at OIAA to become familiar with the other members and online AA is encouraged.

Information specifically dealing with the online format of AA from the US/Canadian GSO (NY) should be posted regularly for the Staying Cyber membership by the IGR. The IGR is expected to assist the Alternate IGR with understanding and working within the format of OIAA. The IGR prepares the Alternate IGR to step into the IGR position when their term is complete.

The IGR is a voting member of the Steering Committee of Staying Cyber.

Alternate IGR:
This is a preparatory position for service work. The primary duty of the Alternate IGR is to learn the service position of IGR at OIAA from the current Staying Cyber IGR. This position includes assuming the role of IGR if the current IGR is unavailable to perform their duties at OIAA on either a temporary or permanent basis. The level of communication and input on votes at OIAA is to be worked out between the IGR and the Alternate IGR. Alternates may join the discussion of business at OIAA on the meeting site working within the rules and format of the OIAA business meeting. Joining in the volunteer work available at OIAA is encouraged.

The expectation of the Alternate IGR is that they will assume the position of IGR for a one year term at the end of their first term of one year. No vote is required for the Alternate IGR to advance to IGR.

The Alternate IGR is a voting member of the Steering Committee of Staying Cyber.

Trustees (4 Positions):
These positions are responsible for participating in the online Steering Committee discussions on a regular basis and for discussing and voting on matters as they arise. Trustees may volunteer to perform other duties in assisting in the expansion of the site, proof reading, and simple text editing in a word processor. This position requires no technical skills, beyond being able to use a web browser and e-mail.

The Trustees are voting members of the Steering Committee of Staying Cyber.

This position will establish a PO Box or suitable delivery address to receive 7th Tradition donations and deposit these funds in a dedicated checking account. The Treasurer shall pay site operating expenses such as server rental fees, domain registration, and technical services contracted by the steering committee. After setting aside a one year’s anticipated expenses prudent reserve, the Treasurer shall send excess funds to GSO-NY and OIAA as a 50/50 split and be responsible for making a semiannual financial report for the techs to post on the website so that it is available to all members. This position requires no technical skills beyond keeping a checking account and using e-mail.

The Treasurer is a voting member of the Steering Committee of Staying Cyber.

Technical Cyrvants / web team:
The technical cyrvant duties include administering and maintaining the Staying Cyber web site, refreshing the weekly meetings, and responding to requests for password retrieval and technical assistance. It may enlist the help of others or utilize non-group expertise to solve problems.

This position is open to any member with knowledge of HTML and the use of FTP and who is free to volunteer to assist in the maintenance of the site. Approval for new site techs will require approval from both a majority of the Steering Committee and a majority of the site techs.

These positions are considered to be "special workers" though they do not receive monetary compensation for their service. As special workers, their terms of service are at the discretion of the site techs and the steering committee. Please e-mail the Techs for more info.

The active Technical Cyrvants are voting members on the Steering Committee of Staying Cyber.


Any of these Guidelines may be changed by a motion and vote by the Steering Committee.

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