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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide "Proof of Attendance" for your meeting?
Staying Cyber does not provide “Proof of Attendance” for meetings. The format of our meetings does not lend itself to proof of attendance for any specific time period.

There are AA meetings on the internet that do provide documentation of attendance for members. You may request information about these meetings from the Public Information Committee at the Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (OIAA).

We have had many requests to provide "Proof of Attendance" for those who are required to go to AA meetings at the direction of the courts, counselor, drug and alcohol programs, and other organizations. The Staying Cyber Steering Committee has decided that Staying Cyber should not do this because we have no way of verifying whether or not someone has participated in any of the Staying Cyber meetings.


I am having trouble "getting into" the meeting. How does this work?
Please see the Guidelines that explain the structure of the site and the Posting Instructions for the Meetings and Coffee Pot pages. Staying Cyber is not an Internet Chat room with "live conversation". Comments are posted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to read at your convenience and you may post your own comments at your convenience as well.


I'm having difficulty reading the pages. Can you change the colors?
You may have difficulty reading the pages because of the text and / or background colors you are viewing. You may need to adjust the color or text size on your screen.

This can be due to any number of factors including your computer, your monitor, your browser, your eyesight, and/ or your preferences, etc. We currently have no plans of changing the site colors because we like the colors and can't make everyone happy.

Check the OPTIONS in your web browser as you may be overriding the colors for the text and / or background that we have set.


How do I get into the AA Chat rooms? and can you give me schedule of AA Chat meetings on the Internet?
For a listing of different meetings and styles, please try the directory of online AA meetings at:


I'm looking for someone to help me via e-mail, and can you be my online sponsor?
The Staying Cyber membership has chosen through a group conscience not to support online sponsorship in any formal way. There are online AA sites that specifically help with sponsorship. You may try searching on “AA Sponsorship” or attending a face to face meeting if regular meetings are available to you.


Does this mean I don't have to go to "real" meetings anymore, now that I can stay home and read a meeting on my computer whenever I want?
It is up to each individual to decide what they need to achieve and maintain their sobriety within the Program and the Fellowship of AA. There are members who because of illness or remote location only have access to online meetings. Most members of Staying Cyber find that both online and face to face (f2f) meetings are a great combination


Can I add a link on my AA site to Staying Cyber and would you reciprocate by adding a link to my Web site on Staying Cyber ?
Staying Cyber does not allow ads or links to other web sites on the pages except for specific AA approved and related sites. You may certainly add a link to Staying Cyber on your site if you wish, however we would have to decline your request of a link to your site.

The Steering Committee feels that it is best that the only outgoing links on SC should be GSO (AA General Service Office) and OIAA (Online Intergroup of AA).
This policy is based upon guidance found in the pamphlet, A.A. Guidelines on the Internet:



Who pays for Staying Cyber ?  Is it free ?
Like all AA groups, Staying Cyber is “self supporting”. This means that the members of Staying Cyber donate or “pass the hat” as they do in face to face meetings to keep this site operating.

Additional information about contributing to Staying Cyber may be found here:



I submitted my comments in the Meeting/Coffee Pot but when I returned I did not see my comments posted?
You may need to reload/refresh your browser to see the comments you have made.


There have been many questions raised about our ID being protected against other people stalking members via Staying Cyber. Can other members find our E-mail or other addresses via Staying Cyber?
The Steering Committee would like to warn all members that posting ANY personal information (E-mail or Postal addresses, phone numbers, etc.) anywhere on the internet can be risky. Any time you post your e-mail address on a public web site, you are subject to e-mail from anyone who registers at the site as well as e-mail "spammers" using “spiders” and “robots” to search web pages and collect e-mail addresses for unsolicited mass marketing.

Only registered members may view your profile. If you do not wish to show your email address in the profile you may choose that option when you register and your email address will be hidden. You may change that decision at any time by clicking the “Member Control Panel” link and then returning to the “Edit Profile” section.

When the steering committee was forming the guidelines, we considered emphasizing more strongly that email addresses should not be shared, but drunks don't follow "orders" very well and many are finding meaningful contacts through e-mail exchange. Instead, we chose the simple warning found in the Guidelines page:


Any e-mail addresses obtained when you e-mail a Tech or Steering Committee member ARE HELD IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE AND ARE NOT RELEASED TO ANYONE.


Some of the posts seem inappropriate and offensive to me. Why are these posts allowed to remain on the board?
This issue has been discussed often. Offensive and inappropriate comments are particularly regretful in light of the fact that Staying Cyber will be the first exposure to AA for many people.

In accordance with the Staying Cyber policy on Disruptive Posts, posts that attack the very nature of AA as well as continual or offensive posting that lead to the disruption of Staying Cyber will be removed. Continual and offensive posting includes personal attacks, flaming, and multiple registrations.

That said, moderation is never simple and any given post may be interpreted differently. The Steering Committee has decided that Staying Cyber is generally an OPEN forum following the spirit of AA traditions. As a consequence, unsolicited and inappropriate remarks from non-members may appear from time to time. If you would prefer a closed AA discussion or information site, other meetings may be found here:

If you have a suggestion for an addition to this list, please e-mail it to:


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