Member: Steve F.
Location: Wenham, MA, USA
Date: 23 May 1999
Time: 22:22:37


Hi, my name is Steve. I'm an alcoholic.

Step 12 is a good topic to discuss during this week of Staying Cyber's anniversary.

A lot of newcomers reach out to AA through this site. I was 3 or 4 days sober when I first came here. What if no one had been here? What if no one cared about getting the AA message to me? When I went to my first AA meeting, there were over 100 people there, some with over 30 years of sobriety. What if they had all stayed home to watch TV or do the laundry?

A lot of newcomers come here even before they go to AA meetings. What they hear on this site, from total strangers, can make the difference between them getting to AA or not. For some, that could be the difference between life and death.

I haven't been sober long enough (90 days), to say that I am practicing the AA principles in all my affairs, but I do pray every morning, and ask God for the knowledge of his will for me, and the power to carry out that will. And then I do my best.

I am very grateful for AA, and all of the people I've met in AA over the last 3 months (online and in person).

Thanks for letting me share.

Member: sanders W.
Location: Gracevill;e, Fl.
Date: 23 May 1999
Time: 22:29:31


Hi All Ya'all I am very definately a real alcoholic and my name is Sanders. I can still hear my sponsor telling me that if I wanted to keep whst I hsad I had to give it away. I was very fortunate to have had two very good sponsors since I ahve been in AA and they both taught me to share my E S H with another alcoholic. I still tryto do this today to the very best of my ability. Any time we share our selves we are doing 12th step work. You don'r have to go out on a call to do this. Some of the best work in that area is done right around the tables of your meetings. I am very grateful that the people were there for me when i came in looking for help and today I still try to make as many meetings as I possible can so I can be there for the new person when they come looking for help in recovering from this thing called alcoholism. We stop drinking and then we work on the ISM for the rest of our lives. One thing I ahver learned since I ahve been here is that I can't get anyone sober. I can tell someone how I was able to stopp drinking and how I stay stopped and if they want it anmdare willing to go to any length then they can get sober with God's help.----My hearing is very bad so I spend lotsz of time on the puter trying to share with the new persaon or anyone who feels they could be helped from what I ahve experienced. No need is us both makinmg the same mistakes so you may can learn from mine And not have to dxo them for yourself. Another thing I ahve learned is the longer I am here, Sept 75, the morew I realize how little I know about the program. It has bec ome a way of life for me and I am very happy today with me and my life. God loves you and so do I. ICQ# 14412521

Member: Charley B.
Location: Southern Ohio
Date: 23 May 1999
Time: 22:45:53


Step was mentioned in an earlier comment, we have to give it away to keep it. It has been my experience lately with a number of 24 hours of sobriety that 12 stepping can happen in a number of ways -- if we are willing to look for an opportunity to serve. I usually have a hard time moving to a new place and usually retreat into myself than to venture out. I did that for 3 years in my last move--I don't recommend this to anyone. Yeah, I periodically went a meeting. I was growing angry and discontent. I found out that a treatment center was a few blocks from my office. The folks running the treatment center allowed me to start a noontime meeting and they encourage the clients to attend. Now I am picking up a group to take to meetings on Sunday nights. And there are many others that come to this center to take guys to meetings. It is a great way to be of service and remember what it was like to be new in the program. It also keeps me in mind that I have to work the other part of this step "And practice these principles in all our affairs." To carry the message, I have to, to the best of my abilities practice this program at home and at work -- not just when I am taking guys to meetings. Sometimes I am not sure who is providing the 12 step work, me or them. For they keep me working and practicing this program and periodically they call me on it when I am not. THis is my first time on this page -- just finding it tonight. SO as I sign off, I thank those that put it together and those that contribute with thier comments. GOd Bless.

Member: Lisa P.
Location: California
Date: 23 May 1999
Time: 22:54:32


My name is Lisa, and I'm an alcoholic. It's my first time at this site, and I'm really glad to have found it. I didn't get a chance to go to a meeting this weekend, and I'm sure feeling it. I've been sober for a little over 8 years, and I haven't had much experience yet with working with others. I feel guilty about that, because I'm just taking and not giving back. I think that part of it is that we can't give what we don't have yet. Lately, I have been given a lot of great spiritual stuff, really amazing stuff. So, I believe that something is definitely coming! I did have someone call me recently. I got very excited, because in working with others, we grow and stay sober better. But, she never called back, and she didn't show up at the meeting... Oh, well, time will tell. Thanks for letting me post!

Member: Julie B.
Location: North Carolina, USA
Date: 24 May 1999
Time: 00:42:16


My name is Julie. I found this site and am grateful beyond words. I am 7 days sober and haven't made it to an in person AA meeting yet, but with the support of you guys here and also from the people at the Just for Today site, I'll make it. If it wasn't for you guys sharing your experience/support online, many people like myself might not have come to AA. Thank you for being here.

Member: Geri W
Location: Va
Date: 24 May 1999
Time: 05:23:17


Geri, a very grateful alcohokic here. Hello folks.

Steve, over 90 days! Awsome.

Julie B - a whole week. Hope you have found a f2f meeting. They really helped me.

12th step. Let's see. Well, I began my morning with a chat with my HP whom I chose to call God. I thanked him for the opportunity to serve Him another day. Asked to be relieved from the bondage of self so that I can practice His Will today. Then got my coffee, turned on the computer to see how we AA's were doing today in cyberspace.

I'll go to work and practice the principles throughout my day, remembering that I may be the only Big Book some folks ever see. I will practice humility, patience, acceptance and love of all of God's children in all of my affairs. When I screw up (and I will), I will stop, find a quiet place(usually the ladies room) and ask God to help me figure out how to get back to a place of calm. And He will.

After work, it's meeting time on Monday. Will go and learn. Help if I can. Then home and all the things I have to do.

Will finish my day with a pray of gratitude to God for another day with all it held. I will do a 10th step and prepare for tomorrow.

Don't know if I do it right - just know it works for me. Thank God for AA, meetings and a sponsor who led me through the steps.

Member: Avril G
Location: Driffield -- United Kingdom
Date: 24 May 1999
Time: 05:35:05


Good Morning all, and a huge welcome to all the newcomers, either to the staying cyber site (two yrs old today) or to The AA 12-step recovery programme.

If this is your first encounter with AA, newcomer - Please get to a real f2f AA meeting. If you have found something you like here, you will find it hundreds of times over at a real meeting. As for step 12 - We old-timers (and not-so-old-timers) in AA NEED YOU NEWCOMERS. God-willing, I will be 9yrs sober on July 11th, and my life is quite unmanageable again, right now. Divorce pending, another house move on the horizon, and obviously, major changes happening, and about to happen in my life (not to mention the fear of financial insecurity, which has reared its ugly head). And that is exactly why I need to hear what you newbies have to say. Remind me what it is like, newly sober, to have to cope with life on life's terms, for this will take MY focus from ME and my living problems. I no longer have a drink problem, today mine is living problem(s) and with recovery, sometimes comes complacency, and I try to convince myself that "I should be doing better than this, at MY stage of recovery" "What the hell are you doing, YOU should know better!!"....... The true spirit of the 12th step, for me is, 'Tried to carry this message to alcoholics' NOT to drunks - NOT to alcoholics who have not yet found recovery, but just 'alcoholics'

My name is Avril - I AM an alcoholic. I suffer from alcoholISm NOT alcoholWASm. I have not found no cause nor reason to drink today, but still I need to have the message of AA recovery reinforced. I am a suffering alkie, today, due to circumstances, and why am I suffering?? Because I tend to get complacent, forget where I came from. Time was I could not feed my kids, or buy them shoes/clothes or icecream. I could not run a car, unable to afford the petrol. I had drug pushers threatening me, for double-crossing them, (Thank God they actually threatened before they acted, I believe that is the only reason I am alive, today, I RAN!!)

Yet, here I am today, waiting to move into a new bungalow, just completely refurbished, have two wonderfully healthy kids, can feed myself and my family reasonably well, we have clothes, a car, a computer, and here I am 'suffering' Thanks to AA and the lovely people in it (Both here and at real f2f meetings) My suffering is getting less and less each day, and I can, for the most part, live with, as opposed to suffer from my problems today, but it is down to the 12th step, and the newcomers and old-timers alike, who care enough about another human being, to pass the message. Of course, there IS a selfish side to it (LOL) Passing the message actually KEEPS ME SOBER!! AND I LOVE IT!!!! People find it hard to believe today, that here sits one very sick bitch who could not (and did not for a long, long time in AA) stop drinking. Who almost killed herself, and her children in a drunken blackout, who never knew what day it was, nor cared whether it was day or night. Could neither live nor die (God knows I tried suicide enough)

Thank you all for helping me to stay sober, and to see my life problems in their true perspective today, and if anyone wishes to e-mail, I will reply to all. Love y'all, Keep on keeping on,

Good to see you here, still, Sanders, my friend, and thank you for your ongoing support for this alkie.

Member: LORI D
Date: 24 May 1999
Time: 08:19:56


HI EVERYONE The past four years have been hell for me.I lost my husband through suicide,and lost all my faith in my higher power.But with the help and guidence of some very special people in my life I have come back to my higher power and his will be done. Each morning I hand it over to his care and know my higher power will only give mw what I am capable of handiling.I now know my higher power never left Ijust chose not to believe,but now life is a little better I have choosen a different road this time and life seems to have meaning again,I wake each morning with a prayer and start my day with a new outlook on life CAME TO BELIEVE IN A POWER GREATER THAN OURSELVES. Thanks for being here.

Member: janice m.
Location: richmond,va.
Date: 24 May 1999
Time: 11:07:54


Congrtulations Cyber!!! hello, I'm grateful for recovery being every where for me. I'm still in steps 1 , 2,and 3. I will and do share what little I have.

Member: I'm Charity Alcoholic
Location: AZ, USA
Date: 24 May 1999
Time: 13:50:21


Life has taken on a new meaning, watching others recover, lonlieness vanish and the fellowship of AA growing up all around me, to have sincere friendships .. it is an experience I am so happy not to have missed. The 12th step promises pg. 80 of the Big Book. Contact with you all here & in face to face meetings is a bright spot! The 12th step has postively worked in my life when other activities have failed. Just reach out of yourself, offer a hug, make a pot of coffee, the 12th step at 1st is that simple. Sponsoring others has saved me from sober despair, co dependence, depression, suicide & homicide! It works! Thank you all & Happy Cyber Anniversary.

Member: Corinne B.
Location: CC FL
Date: 24 May 1999
Time: 14:34:23


'Afternoon ((12&12ers))!! Corinne, Alcoholic here, there & everywhere!

Lisa P in CA, your post really struck a chord in me, because I was exactly where you are at during the time when I was sober between '86 & '92. I only lasted for 6 yrs, and I know that a major part of why I drank again had to do with not working the 12th step, especially on the sponsoring level. I felt so empty not being able to do more, feeling as if I had nothing to share. Why? Because I was caught up in my career path, getting a degree, and not maintaining my conscious contact with God and the principles of AA.

I grew resentful when I heard folks at meetings describe me to a tee, even if they were talking in general terms, I was sure they were pointing the finger at me! Oh, how self-centered I became, the more dry I was back then! Hindsight sure is 20/20!! And of course I drank again!

Avril, your post touched me, too, as I just went through divorce & the X-Country move, having the financial insecurity thing (plus will be having to move again by August 1st already!!!) - and I've been struggling to keep sober ODAT since November last year, when I finally knew I had no place left to turn. I am so grateful AA didn't go away! Only I had! Today I am sober only since April 8th and I know without a doubt that if I lose what little sober time I have - this 24 hours - I will have lost a most precious gift. I didn't realize how precious sobriety was, until I threw it away; and now I have that memory to ease my way into another day.

Thank you all for working your 12th Step here for me to cherish for today. Corinne B.

Member: NICK S. 5/15/84
Location: O.C.N.J.
Date: 24 May 1999
Time: 17:35:44



Member: Jack C wanderers 3
Location: Friendship Wi
Date: 24 May 1999
Time: 23:09:09


FIRST----Happy anniversary to all who participated in chat and contributions to staying cyber for the last two years. Immense miraculous help through sharing and caring, and WOW !!! That is some of the best 12 step activity in the whole program.----Seond---My name is Jack c, and am a member of AA for 41 years. Been to thousands of meetings, many conferences. I love this cyber offer to participate world wide in the ability to carry the message to many many in the fellowship. We all have a wonderful opportunity to share and care. 12 th STEP IN ACTION.

Member: JCP
Location: W.Pa.
Date: 25 May 1999
Time: 02:28:00


J here, a grateful alcoholic.

They used to call two-steppers the pigeons who leapt from Step 1 to Step 12. I was one. I went a long time in the program without a drink but still thinking I was not going to make it -- the desire to drink was still there after many months dry.

I tackled the steps that prescribed things to do -- like 4 and 8 -- shoving aside those where the action would have to be inward.

My ultimate twelfth-stepping went to a local 100-year-old prison. I had said yes to leading and there was literally no backing out until the meeting was over and somebody unlocked a door. They were a receptive meeting, though -- I used to mention in other leads being arrested as a drunk downtown, but these guys just laughed too. They probably thought I was the Barney Fife of AA.

The 12th step is responding wherever a hand reaches out. I have two big ones -- a brother and a son. I'm not allowed to say I twelfth-stepped them, but over long-distance my brother said, "Come on down here and we'll pop a couple of cans and talk things over." I said, "I'd like to talk but I don't pop a can anymore." He said, "You WHAT!" I said, "I quit Memorial Day." He said, "You WHAT!!!" That was about it. Before I got down there in person, talking again by phone he said, "I'm going to the meetings." I said, "You're what!"

My son told me a while back that while living at home he was walking to meetings in the snow on the trolley lines because their grades were not as steep as most of the streets--implying that I might not have killed me to give him a ride or two. He had moved back home after grad school. Maybe I did it wrong, but it worked because I was not who was doing it. I knew when he invited me to his first anniversary that it was about fifteen months since he moved back, not twelve. There had to be a slip!

So if none of us had a clue how to stop drinking, whom does that leave?

Member: dan
Location: ca
Date: 25 May 1999
Time: 09:48:13


From what I've seen, this program works for folks who get a sponsor, work the steps and then sponsor others. They're the one's who have what I want.

Member: Julie B.
Location: North Carolina
Date: 25 May 1999
Time: 13:39:52


no, geri, i haven't yet made it to a f2f meeting yet, but still dry on day 9...thanx for the support all of you... thoughts/prayers, julie b.

Member: Clayton U.(sq ft)
Location: near Annapolis, MD
Date: 25 May 1999
Time: 14:44:51


Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry the message to alcoholics, and to practice these principals in all our affairs. I maen as a result of working steps 1-11, I was granted a way of life that allowed me freedom from the bondage of 'self', to be willing to help my fellow alkie, and to clear away the vices that had entangled my life for soooo long. I was only 22 when I got here. Nixon was president. I got sober 6/6/74 and I have been grateful ever since. THANK YOU ALL!!

Member: Geri W.
Location: Va.
Date: 25 May 1999
Time: 19:32:34


Geri W, a very grateful alcoholic here.

Sorry for the double post, but Julie B - if you can't find a way to get to a meeting, can you call AA and have one of the women call you? It is so helpful to have a sober woman in my recovery. They seem to be the only ones who understand and love me anyway. You don't have to be alone in this. Day 9 is awsome, let's pray for 10

Everyone have a great sober day.

Member: JJS
Location: PA
Date: 26 May 1999
Time: 07:27:58


Hi! JJ here, alcoholic and grateful to be recovering today. Some of my happiest times come when I am helping others, watching them grow and go through things I went through without drinking. These steps have changed my life. Julie, Geri is right. It got so much easier when I had another woman to share with. I struggled along in the beginning thinking I could do it without help. Didn't drink, but my sobriety got a whole lot more meaningful when I finally broke down and let someone else in and got a sponsor. It is the best thing I ever did for myself. I love this forum, but wouldn't want to do it without my f2f meetings and buddies. Thanks for letting me share.

Member: Jean-Claude T.
Location: Belgium
Date: 26 May 1999
Time: 13:32:09


My name is JC and I am an alcoholic. The 12th Step permits me to pass the message freely given to me by my fellow alcoholics. It's a way to give back. I can do it simply by talking to a fellow alcoholic and give a bit of my E,S & H. Be in visiting, assisting to meetings or in my daily life. I have the obligation to be fine. What if I said I'm sober for 10 years with AA and looking glum the whole day long? Who would want that kind of sobriety? When joining AA, I've been sentenced to be happy and to share that ability I received from you all to enjoy life, one day at a time. Thanks for letting me share. JC

Member: Mark L
Location: SI,NY
Date: 26 May 1999
Time: 14:55:09


Hi, Mark L here! 12th step, haven't done it but have learned alot about it. Firstly my hand is always out to another alcoholic, it is one of, if not the most important part of my recovery. Praticing these principles in all our affairs, for me that is reaching out to my family & friends and making an honest effort to practice this as much as I practice is it AA. I know that if I was on the phone talking to a AAer & my wife interupted I would turn around & yell at her. (that is just my normal response)especially if it had to do with AA. I MUST always talk about practing because until I take the ACTION & do the work on it, I am no better than someone who drinking & acting like that. TOday I know I MUST work at being more honest & have some humility for family members & friends.

Thanks for letting me share! Sorry if I babbled


Member: Elizabeth S.
Location: Southeast USA
Date: 26 May 1999
Time: 16:08:00


Hi, I'm Liz and I'm an alcoholic. Working with others have been the most enlightening part of my recovery. To see women's eyes open to the fact and to see them grow and become responsible beings gives me hope that miracles continue to happen! I learned that in order to be more effective and mature in my recovery I must be willing to help someone else. I learned that whatever I suggest to a sponsee I damn well better be doing it myself. What we tell these people must "carry depth and weight". If I don't read the big book, why suggest it to a newcomer? If I don't call my sponsor, why suggest it to a newcomer. Even before I got to the fourth step, God sent me a sponsee. The only thing I had was Steps 1, 2, 3 which was 3 more than she did.

Sponsorship is a two-way street, I helped her with 1, 2, & 3 and she pushed me on to 4 & 5. That sponsee is not sober today, but I am and I will always be grateful to her. Practicing these principles in all my affairs is just that, practicing. I am not perfect. I try. I learned that if I try half as hard at my recovery as I did when I was drinking and using. The promises will come true. Thanks for allowing me to share.

Member: Richard A.
Location: Greensboro, NC
Date: 26 May 1999
Time: 19:04:36


Hello everyone, I'm Richard, an alcoholic. My spiritial awakening has been slow, starting from my cry for help in step one, gaining a little momentum when I internalized a God who had my best interest at heart (no easy feat for me), and my decision to turn my will and my life over to this God (I should say a multitude of decisions since I need to profess this willingness each day) added direction to my course. But I feel step 12 is at every step along the way. So I get pieces of step 12 as I work the program.

Now, I do have problems with my perception. Am I doing it right? Am I carrying the message enough? Why doesn't it feel better? Am I truly practicing these principles in all my affairs? Can you see if you're the least bit of a perfectionist (sounds like an oxymoron) what a quandry this could put you in? And guess who has a problem with wanting to do it absolutely right? Hell yeah, that's right, me! But I'm getting better, not perfect, but better.

Tomorrow I may feel differently about this step, but only a few yesterdays ago and I didn't give a rat's ass about any spiritial awakening. And for me that's progress, not perfection, but progress.

God bless you all.

Member: debbieg
Location: washington state
Date: 27 May 1999
Time: 11:28:57


hi all!!! Debbie alcoholic here and so happy to be a sober member of alcoholics anonymous today!! The last post rememded me of me in how I always for the first couple of years sober, I would always think "what am I doing wrong, scared to death that I wasnt doing anything right because I just didnt "feel the same or as good as she did or so I thought" I was always judging my insides bye others outsides, and another thing each time a sponsee went back out ....I blamed myself because I thought that maybe I had done something wrong or not done enough. Today I know that I cant keep anyone sober and that there is no wrong way to do this thing called sobriety, and for that I am grateful. Thanks for letting me share!!

Member: Tom A.
Location: Carlilse, AR
Date: 27 May 1999
Time: 15:25:47


Happy 2nd Anniversary Staying Cyber!

My name is Tom A. and today I am sober by the grace of God and the program of Alcoholic's Anonymous.

I arrived at the doors of AA physically, mentally and spiritually bankrupt and my spiritual awakening began that night when one of the speaker's said "Any damn fool can stay sober twenty-four hours" and this damn fool Tom hadn't been able to do that for a long long time. On my way home from that meeting my punk streaked plymouth turned into my favorite watering hole and I wanted to share with my drinking buddies my discovery of AA and ordered a budwieser, but the waitress didn't hear my order and those ten words filtered into to my alcohol soaked brain and I changed my order to a 7-Up. That took place on July 25, 1960 because there were people present at that meeting who were practicing the 12th Step.

For me this AA thing is a "Way of Life" something that never ends. These spiritual awakenings just seem to happen to everyone who tries to carry this message to alcoholics and to practice these things in all of our affairs.

Tall order, but we only have to try and do it one-day-at-a-time!

Enjoy Your Sobriety Today!

God Bless - Tom A.

Member: Rich R, slowly recovering compulsive person
Location: Detroit
Date: 27 May 1999
Time: 16:49:07


Whenever I try to help someone else, I feel so good about myself. Thanks.

Member: Roy S.
Date: 27 May 1999
Time: 20:27:27


This step has been one of the ones I most liked to do. After going through all of the other steps, I found myself wanting to follow the steps in my everyday life, as well as let others in the same rut I was in know about AA. This is the best way I have found to pay back AA for all it has done for me, as well as try to help others avoid some of the mistakes I have made. Thanks for letting me share.

Member: JCP<
Location: W.Pa.
Date: 28 May 1999
Time: 14:19:57


"Having had a spiritual awakening as THE result of these steps" -- not A result, but the one! -- "we TRIED to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in ALL our affairs."

I feel fairly strongly now -- although I must admit I was more active as a "12th-stepper" before I knew what that spiritual awakening was about; but when it does come I think we will try to carry the message sometimes even before we are aware of it.

AA needs drivers more than mechanics, so why not just go ahead and BE. I still remember images from my dad's day of two men in suits who come and sit in the room and essentially tell their own stories.

The point is to personalize the steps in a daily way that fits our circumstances and hopes.

A busy man is said to have demanded impatiently of an AA, "What you said is all well and good, but exactly how does it work?"

"Fine," the alcoholic said, "it works just fine -- try it."

Member: Don P.
Location: Louisville, KY
Date: 28 May 1999
Time: 14:35:01


Don P.,alcoholic.Hi everybody.What a great meeting.Like some other participants, I used to worry about not helping lots of folks,not having loads of sponsees, etc. Today I believe we practice the 12th step whenever we share E,S,&H with newcomers,help out before and after meetings, offer our phone number, or reach out a hand.I so want to keep giving what I have received. I,m far from perfectly practicing the principles, but I keep trying with God's help to do better more often.

I love this site! Thanks. I want the hand of AA to be there.

Member: lemon drop
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date: 29 May 1999
Time: 05:50:47


Step 12, I'm not there yet, but with the help of AA I'll get, to a place that I don't regret, drinking sodas while riding a jet. thank you

Member: John B.
Location: Blaine Mn.
Date: 29 May 1999
Time: 09:41:16


Good Day everyone, I'm John an alcoholic, the 12th step in my opinion, is our reward for thoroughly following our path.

For years while I was drinking and searching for the path, I'd try this and that to get sober and be happy.

To be honest if someone would have said A.A. has the answer I would have rejected the thought.

Thank God for the 12th step, through a turn of events, mainly my drinking, and the woman I was married to at the time,(who unknowingly to her 12 stepped into A.A.).

She said during a phone conversation, "that if I ever want to see her or our kids again I better get help."

That started a chain of events which led me to A.A.

We (my wife and I)were see a marriage councelor, He'd ask how much I drank, and do I use drugs, I said not much about 2 beers, and never used drugs.

Have you folks ever noticed on the "Bad Boys-Bad Boys" cop shows when the cop asks how much the person has had to drink, the answer is usually 2 drinks, and "no sir I don't use drugs".

Scary, anyhow I was given a moment of clarity and got honest,as honest as I could and told the councelor that maybe I drank more than I let on, and oh I smoke "some" weed. The poor guy just about jump out the window with joy, he was so happy to find out he wasn't a flop as a counselor, he just ran into a drunk.

To make a long story short,treatment, and A.A. and finely in A.A. the 12 steps, the glorious God given 12 steps, all glory to God!!!

The wife is gone to greener pastures, it seems I went to and go to to many G.D. A.A. meetings.

But May 26th 1999, I achieved something I couldn't do on my own, one day at a time, with God working through you people I haven't had or desired to have a drink or any other mind altering drug.

Oh I've been Sober, clean, Happy, and,Free since May 26, 1983.

Member: Christiane VH
Location: Round Hill, VA
Date: 29 May 1999
Time: 20:38:52


Hello to all! My name is Christiane VH and I'm a very grateful alcoholic. When I walked through the doors of AA to my first meeting, I was "bruised, battered and bewildered" in every sense of those words --- especially bewilderd --- all I knew was that I wanted to stop hurting. From the beginning, I felt that the love and concern in the rooms were genuine, and that people really cared what happened to me. So I came and kept on coming, started to listen, then began to hear, and slowly but surely began to understand and then to apply. And as my spirit awakened, I began to change and was able to carry the message to other suffering alcoholics. There are so many ways to help others, the most effective one by being a power of example. And that I can only accomplish if I am willing each day to try and apply these principles in all my affairs. Thanks for listening and God Bless!

Member: John M
Location: Ventura
Date: 30 May 1999
Time: 06:55:37


My name is John and I am an alcoholic. To focus on "carry the message" I like to remember the people who steared my to AA when I was still drinking. A few people suggested I go to AA, which I refused to do but when an ex-drinking buddy actually invited me to a meeting, I went, and began my journey to recovery. Today I keep watch for people who look like they need the program, mostly friends and family, and try to be prepared to invite them to a metting.

Member: kasey r
Location: st pete florida
Date: 30 May 1999
Time: 16:27:42


my name is kasey and i am an alcholic visiting this site for the first time ...happy's amazing to me to look at this step and know how huelly this progam has grown what would bill w think if he were to know the various ways this progam is carried what strikes me in this step is ..."as a result of these steps" impling that there is work to be done sobriety has been like a never endingprocess bringing my me differnt levels of awarness with each "step" i am so greatful to those people that god placed in my life throughout my drinking career who p[lanted the seeds.,who 12 stepped me and who loved the absolute mess that i was today i realize that to carry this massage to other alcholics... is not so much for them but for me...self centered to the extreme.. i needed avanues to get out of myself... i have carried the message to many few have grabbed on but to share with another human being..that is the gift practicing these princibles in all my affairs takes practice thank you for letting me share