Member: Linda P
Location: CA, USA
Date: 10 May 1998
Time: 15:26:44


Hi everyone, Linda an alcoholic. It is getting late in the day, I can hardly believe I am the first one on this site. This step was wonderful in the regard that I took those defects of character outlined in my 4th step and asked God to remove each of them. It was to me an ultimate in surrender. It was a pivotal point in my sobriety. It meant I was going to seek different and better ways to react to life so that I did not repeatedly place myself in jeopardy to drink again. If I could change my approach to living, I would not find it necessary to drink, one day at a time.

Love to all - catch you guys later. Linda P

Member: Joy R.
Location: Stockton, CA
Date: 10 May 1998
Time: 16:25:57


Hi, I'm Joy, and I'm an alcoholic. This step always seems deceptively simple to me. To do it the first time, just takes a short prayer. I thought my sponsor was nuts when she said we were done. I have come to realize since then that the first time is really the only time we do step 7 formally, but it's really a part of the 10, 11 and 12 that we do on a daily basis.

Member: Mark B
Location: Eielson AFB, AK
Date: 10 May 1998
Time: 16:57:38


Mark, Dope fiend alcoholic, I know for me, I've come to the realoization that I haven't been rendered white as the freshly driven snow...Seems I hear that a lot from people. My defects are as much a part of me as my attributes. God grants me a daily reprive from acting out on em if I ask. I worked this step a long time ago with my sponsor, and he told me that this is a constant deal. As I progressed through the rest of the steps, I came to understand this and today, in the 10th, 11th, and 12th God does for me what I can't do for myself. I can't wish my defects away, nor can I do anything about them except ask for God's help on a daily basis. Another thing I've come to realize is that my defects, as my disease, becomes more and more subtle as time goes on. What once was glaring is now so slight and inoccuous that unless I continue to actively work on myself, continue with the uncovering, discovering, and discarding, thos subtle things start to grow, start to become more involved, start to again consume me. I heard the prayer "Footprints" a long time ago. I thought it was cool and described how it was during the insanity of my active disease. Today, "Footprints" is a very real thing cuz God carries me. I'm just along for the ride. I do the simple things and he keeps me safe and carries me. I'll KCB cuz for me, anything is better than the way it was.


Member: Susan H.
Location: Connecticut
Date: 10 May 1998
Time: 18:33:14


Hi, Susan alcoholic. I was terribly confused by steps six and seven for the longest time, 4 years or more. then a sponsor that I had cleared it all up for me. She called them the "oop's I did it again" and the oop's I almost did it steps i. In step 6 I become sick and tired of my defects and thats how I know I'm ready to have my defects removed. and in step seven having asked for help from God I find an alternate way to do something and then I find I can say " I almost did it"... this has helped me so muchjust wanted to pass it on.

Member: Amy GC
Location: Switzerland
Date: 11 May 1998
Time: 02:37:56


Amy the Alcoholic here, I try humbly to ask my HP to remove my shortcomings and tho I still have character defects to work on, I feel my HP loves me unconditionally As LONG AS I DON`T drink. That is because I do not love myself as a drinker and how can we love another (someone special or our HP) if we don`t love ourselves? We will all make shortcomings because we are human and this is an imperfect world. Love to all, Amy GC

Member: Bonnie C
Location: Seattle
Date: 11 May 1998
Time: 04:28:02


Hi extended family, bonnie/alcoholic (((ROOM-HUG))), Step 7, Asking God to accept all of me, good and bad, wasn't hard at all when I first got here. for I was a pretty good person, martyr that I was, It was all those other people with the problems. Thank God that He is merciful and only lets me see my character defects and short comings in very small and painful doses. these are lifetime steps and it and 6 are the shortest in the big book. I see people everyday who cheat themselves of true happiness who think these steps are to do once. i want everything this program has to offer and I am willing to work for it, I live 83 and 84 (the promises) today and the second half of the 3rd step prayer. If someone hadnt told me that this peace and joy was possible, why stay sober. besides my Big Book promises me that it is and I KNOW it doesn't lie. Thank God for AA and thank AA for my God. God bless all who venture here. *********************************************** Bonnie C 5/30/80

Member: Martina G
Location: CT
Date: 11 May 1998
Time: 07:36:05


Hi - I'm Martina, an alcoholic.

I think the key word in this step is "humble". One defitinition of Humble is to be conscious of one's defects or shorcomings. This requires that I be willing to face my tendencies for denial and be willing to face the pain that comes with realizing who I realling am behind all the masks. Then knowing that God is the power behind overcoming my dark side. This is an ongoing process. As soon as you think you are humble, you aren't.

Member: Linda M
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date: 11 May 1998
Time: 11:54:37


Hi, Linda M and I am an alcoholic. In the beginning I took the meaning of the steps very literally and truly thought that as soon as I did step seven I would be free of character defects. It was confusing when, after I had done this step with specific shortcomings in mind, they seemed to be gone for awhile only to return. I really like what Mark said. It's true I had to discover that I wasn't ever going to get rid of these things permanently and only by working the steps on an ongoing basis am I able to keep them to a minimum and keep them from consuming me once again. Sometimes I forget to ask for the help from my HP to have them removed and try to do it all by myself. This gets me no where.

Each day I have to work steps 10, 11 & 12 in my life if I am to have contented sobriety.


Wishing everybody another peaceful 24 hrs.

Linda M

Member: Treasurer
Location: Minisink Hills, PA
Date: 11 May 1998
Time: 12:48:36


Please let us "Pass the Hat" If you can afford to do it, $1.00 for each year sober is a nice contribution, once a year, maybe on your birthday!

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Member: John C
Location: Ohio
Date: 11 May 1998
Time: 14:10:43


I see why these steps are in order. I'm very comfortable with many of my defects of character, and its only after taking inventory that i'm anywhere near willing to let go of them. I read in Sobriety and Beyond that god leaves some of our defects in place to keep us humble. I just need to remember that its up to him which ones stay, not up to me.

Member: Cathy
Location: Midwest
Date: 11 May 1998
Time: 22:36:23


Hi I'm Cathy and I am an alcoholic. I was so resentful by the time that I got to this step that God hadn't made me perfect. My whole life I tried so hard to be good. I was angry that I was an alcoholic and just plain angry that I was human. This step helped me so much with acceptance. Humble, I sure was! but self righteous indignation was always attached. True humility, knowing that I am a human being first and an alcoholic and that I was going to have to live one day at a time.... this was not easy. But through a lot of prayer, insights by my sponsors, many 4th and 5th steps I learned to laugh at myself and trust that God would take away my defects. On His Time. Perfection has yet to come my way.. but like growing a garden, I do the weeding and leave the rest in God's hands.

Peace to you all. Cathy

Member: Barbara S.
Location: NJ
Date: 12 May 1998
Time: 16:16:38


My name is Barbara and I'm an alcoholic.

I don't actually know when I first began to be able to do this Step - it seems now that it was a gradual thing, rather than something I officially did one day. I guess that might be because the emphasis in the "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions" is on humility as the path, rather than on the actual removal of the shortcomings themselves. In fact, as I read the Step again now, I find the phrase "...we now ought to be willing to try humility in seeking the removal of our other shortcomings...."

But I am able to do it now, sometimes, at least. I love the calmness of this Step, the feeling of acceptance I now feel when I think of it. It also seems to me, today, that this Step is the beginning of the practice of "these principles in all our affairs," the step out of our present selves and towards others, and towards the commitment to a sober life. And that's a good way to prepare for the rest of the Steps, I think.

Peace, and a good week, to all -

Member: S.Bilson
Location: Kernville, CA
Date: 12 May 1998
Time: 17:58:15


Oh, dear, Allthat I have read has made sense, but I'm still having trouble because I don't have faith and haven't been able to find it. Where do I look? HELP!!!

Member: Jane
Location: Ma.
Date: 13 May 1998
Time: 07:55:11


Humility sure is the key here. I once heard that humility isn't thinking less of ourselves, it's thinking of ourselves less. One of the strangest places I have been thru in recovery it that odd limbo-like space where the old ways aren't working (that, say, involve a defect of character) and the new, healthier skills aren't in place.

I get that willingness to let go of the defect real quick! Few changes are instantaneous. God seems to prepare the way gently so I don't feel like the "hole in the donut". I can't remove them. He can. I think I'll let him. Love to all, Jane

Member: Joanne M.
Location: Boston, MA
Date: 13 May 1998
Time: 13:32:37


MEMBER: Joanne M Location: Boston, MA Date: May 13, 1998

Hi my name is Joanne and I am an alcoholic and a compulsive gambler. I have 8 years and 5 months of sobriety, and now I have 3 weeks without a bet. I am starting to feel good about myself I have had a rough couple of years. In August of 1996 my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and spread at the death the cancer had spread to her bones. It was a very painful death for her and I am so proud of myself because I had administer to her medication in the morning and it never crossed my mind to take some myself. . I promised her that I wouldn't drink and I haven't but I got into very heavy heavy gambling but I am going for help. It is great to be sober free and bet free for just today. I am learning that I have to grow up and be responsible for myself because without your mother worrying about you noone else of cares for that matter. Thanks for letting me share. Joanne

Member: Michele B.
Location: East Orange,NJ
Date: 13 May 1998
Time: 15:13:27


Hi. My name is Michele and I am an Alcoholic. I praise God for removing and not improving my defects of character. I had to pray for the humility and willingness to stat in the process. "at some of these we balk" For me it was at steps 6 and 7. I knew the nature but I looked for an easier softer way. Now I know from experience that through the steps is the easier, softer way. My sponsor told me that steps 6 and 7 were personal God steps. I found that no human power could have relieved by ISM or removed my defects. After my 4th and 5th steps, God lovingly allowed me to see my defects face to face and feel the pain that they were causing those they harmed. I was so horrified that I no longer desired to cause harm to others. I sincerely and humbly asked for Him to remove. I love the Lord because it was not until I was ENTIRELY ready, were they removed. Step 6 and 7 are crucial for my spiritual growth. It is not comfortable during the removal process but it would be fatal to continue in the patterns of behavior that are contrary to what the program of AA and the WOrd of God has taught me. The healthier we get, the healthier the people are who we attract. I love you all. Thanks for sharing your experience, strength and hope on these steps. It is where I'm at. God is currently removing materialism. It is extremely uncomfortable but it is rewarding to be able to see it across the board and then sometimes I can say "oops, I almost did it". i truly thank the sister who just shared the "oops" insight. Blessings to all.

Member: Maggie M.
Location: Wis.
Date: 13 May 1998
Time: 23:26:24


Hi, I`m an alcoholic my name is Maggie.Thanks for the meeting.It seems to me that humility is a big part of this step.Especially since my best thinking got me drunk and miserable.This step also says I will not be truly happy without humility.Sounds like pure God dependance to me.I did not do very well running the show{shortcomings}so I need His Help,I need it constantly.The point in this step for me is the crushing of my self-, suffiency.When this is occurring I may not be grateful for it ,but afterwards I always see how I have been given everything I really want!Peace of mind,gratitude,love of fellow- man and yes I discover I even love myself.It's kinda like out with the old in with the new.Hey,THANKS for the privelege of being with you .

Member: Sanders W.
Location: Graceville, Fl.
Date: 15 May 1998
Time: 21:53:42


Hello all y,all, I am very definately a real alcoholic and my name is Sanders. To me step 7 is simply sincerely asking God, and WILLING TO ALLOW HIM, to remove our shortcomings. I found for me that He wanted me to know what each one was and for me to willingly GIVE them to Him. He would not take one of them from me AGAINST my will, I had to willingly give it to Him.

Member: Connie M
Location: California
Date: 16 May 1998
Time: 14:21:56


Hi everyone. My name is Connie, and I am an alcoholic for life. This step seems quite simple, but it is very important that we diligently do it as stated. To humbly ask Him to remove our shortcomings, we need to have FAITH! Not to bargain with God, or say offhandedly, "Well, I guess it would be better if I didn't have these shortcomings, so you can have 'em." We have to really, honestly, humbly ASK. If we are heartfelt in this, and have faith that God will remove these shortcomings, He will. Maybe not right away, or when we'd like them to be, but they WILL be removed, nontheless. I believe this step is not only an example of "letting go, and letting God;" but also, a very important introduction to the power of pure faith. Sometimes people say they "cannot relate" to "blind faith." Well I say, when God reveals Himself to you, your faith is not blind! He will help us, but we must meet Him with sincere, humble willingness and faith!